BACK IN 30 online yoga

Keep it together while being physically apart

2 yoga styles 

Mindful yoga

in your business attire for teams to rest, recharge and come back with an increased focus

Vinyasa yoga 

 private or in groups to boost your physical and emotional wellbeing and find your smile again

Choose your style

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Mindful yoga for corporate

  • You will return back to your desk in 30 minutes and come back to yourself in 30 minutes

  • You can keep your business attire on

  • Learn to breathe and follow the guided slow movements 

  • Rest, recharge and build resilience in 30 mn


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Vinyasa yoga

  • Private or in groups

  • Guidance during your development & progress to handle stressful or anxiety inducing situations.

  • Tailor-made sessions created only for you, on the spot; according to your body’s condition & your state of mind.

  • Beginners from all ages are welcome 

  • Find your physical, energetical and emotional balance on your mat and in your life

  • Get your smile back!


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Online sessions packages available on demand by email. Start your practice today and enjoy life now! 



My name is Marina. I am French, living in Amsterdam.

My background is in the corporate world and I have spent the past 15 years as an executive in the international banking scene. I have personal experience of a high intensity and high pressured environment and how it can impact both your body and mind…and how easy it can be to forget about your own boundaries.

As a certified yoga teacher my diverse yoga practice and qualifications showed me ways to handle stressful situations and I now wish to pass this knowledge on to you...



  • "A Back in 30 session just let me experience an easy-going combination of mindfulness and yoga. It was relaxing and I came out rebooted. Very nice, thank you Marina."
    Jan Martin


  • "It was an awesome experience and a great stress buster, wanted more of it. I will surely be back soon to take my 30 minutes."


  • "30 minutes break with Marina! What a shift in my day! A total reset. Not sure exactly how she did it, but less than 5 minutes into the session i felt a deep relaxation in body and mind and when the session was finished and I opened my eyes I felt so refreshed. Thank you so much Marina! I'll be back very soon again."


  • "The various sessions I experienced were a welcome and warm momentary lapse of reason which not only recharged and refreshed my mind but the body as well."


  • "This half hour: unexpected slackening, disappeared worries and forgotten stress, escape in the distance, calm soothing, a real revelation! A healthy mind in a healthy body! Incomparable benefits!I booked for the next 6 weeks to come…"


  • "I had the chance recently to enjoy my first session with Marina.i discovered with pleasure the concept and I was amazed and impressed how much I felt rebooted and balanced in only 30 minutes (particularly great vs my busy working agenda). All the session was fully customised and adapted to me. Marina detected right away what I was needing: a perfect boost of energy mixed with a moment to refocus and step back from my busy life. I am definitively looking forward for the next sessions."


  • "30 minutes of your private precious pause: it is a time to be guided by the calm and deep voice of Marina and her reassuring presence. It's time to let yourself be carried away by her sincere guidance to focus on yourself, pay attention to your body, listen to your heart. I always leave after a session recharged and at peace and I keep inside of me her smile opening a new window of escape and opportunities."


Opening hours

Online corporate sessions only due to COVID 19 restrictions

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Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 7-III

1052JN Amsterdam



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I am taking a break to rest, reset & recharge & will return to my busy life with a refreshed mind & an increased focus on the present moment.